Pet Urine Odor Removal

Pet Urine Removal Milford CT

Pet Urine Removal Milford CT

The most effective pet urine removal Milford, Ct offers is with Chem-Dry. Even the best trained pets have periodic accidents that would, however, distribute odor and bacteria across your house. Lighthouse Chem-Dry holds the answer to pet urine and odor removal in Milford. PURT (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) is a unique product that operates to remove odors that seem improbable to eliminate.

Milford Pet Urine & Odor Removal Specialists


Pet odor reduction is often challenging since the urine can absorb within the carpet’s layers, particularly as time goes by. The experts at Lighthouse Chem-Dry are trained and are aware of the best methods to treat your home. Once PURT has been applied to the affected areas, it will soak for 2-3 days to disintegrate the odor.

Black Light Evaluation

You might detect an odor, specifically when the air carries an excessive amount of moisture, but you might not be able to uncover where it is coming from. Have confidence in the educated staff at Lighthouse Chem-Dry to seek out where these odors are located. In most cases we use our black light evaluation to simply find precisely what areas of your home call for pet urine treatment.


The pungent stench of pet urine will result in discomfort in the house. Fortunately, Lighthouse Chem-Dry’s product won't just work to hide the scent, but it is going to work to take away the smell completely. PURT will attack urine crystals on the molecular level and destroy them to eliminate the odor. A clean smelling and healthy home are going to be all that is remaining from the experience.

Don’t allow an aggressive urine odor take over your home; call Lighthouse Chem-Dry to give your Milford, CT home a new beginning!



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