Carpet Cleaning

The finest professional cleaning services Orange has to offer are provided by Chem-Dry experts. Leaving our customers with the most satisfactory cleaning experience is our goal at Lighthouse Chem-Dry. The Hot Carbonating Extraction process that we use will deeply clean your home without leaving harmful chemicals or dirt attracting remains behind. The carbonating bubbles in our formula will delve deep within the fibers of the area we are cleaning, lifting to the surface any dirt and grime for easy removal. This process uses a fraction of the water than standard cleaning companies so your carpets or upholstery items will be dry within hours, not days!

Professional Cleaning Orange

Carpet Cleaning Orange CACarpet Cleaning Orange

Chem-Dry offers the most professional carpet cleaning Orange offers. With the best interest of our customers in mind, our process was designed to be drier, cleaner, and healthier than what is expected of carpet cleaners. Your family's health won't be at risk when you use Lighthouse Chem-Dry. Our main cleaning solution is hypoallergenic, completely safe, and non-toxic. Plus, the chance of mold and mildew development is low due to our fast drying times.

Upholstery Cleaning Orange CT

Upholstery Cleaning Orange

The best upholstery cleaning Orange has is also a service provided by Chem-Dry. Our process is for the benefit of your loved ones so your upholstered items will be able to dry within hours after a deep cleaning service that is conscious of your health. It is easy to let upholstered items and furniture cleaning go unnoticed, but when you think about how frequently these items come in contact with skin, it's easy to remember to keep up on its cleaning.

Stain Removal Orange CT

Stain Removal Orange

The unique techniques and solutions that we use at Lighthouse Chem-Dry offer the most effective stain removal process in Orange. We are able to determine the best product to remove the stain to be removed after we do a careful evaluation. Our skilled technicians are trained in understanding the stain's cause, longevity, and size in order to offer the most beneficial stain removal service. Realistic expectations and a confirmed price will be discussed prior to our work beginning.

Rug Cleaning Orange CT

Rug Cleaning Orange

As professional Oriental and area rug cleaners in Orange, Lighthouse Chem-Dry is ready to clean your unique rug in the best ways possible. Before our service begins, we find it important to carefully evaluate and measure the rug to be cleaned. This helps us to entirely understand the best techniques to use for your rug's specific make and model. With such a knowledgeable process, your rug won't be put in harm's way and will be left clean and vibrant.

Pet Urine Removal Treatment Orange CT

Pet Urine Removal Treatment Orange

The most effective pet urine removal Orange offers is Chem-Dry P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). This product will break down the odor on a molecular level, attacking it at its source. To find all of the areas affected by urine and treat them directly, we use a black light evaluation. Not only are we able to remove urine odors, but we can remove the stains as well! A variety of difficult stains can be removed by our processes and pet urine stains are no exception.

Stone, Grout, & Tile Cleaning Orange

Professional stone, tile, and grout cleaning is important for a clean and healthy home. Dirt and grime buildup in the porous surfaces of tile and grout, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. DIY cleaning methods will have you on your hands and knees, scrubbing tirelessly for hours with a solution that might cause more damage than good. Call the professionals at Lighthouse Chem-Dry for a clean you can trust.

Commercial Cleaning Orange

We understand the importance of keeping up on the cleaning needs of a commercial office. Give us a call today so we can go over details with your business!