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Lighthouse Chem-Dry comes with the appropriate training to give our customers the most beneficial oriental rug cleaning and area rug cleaning in Wilton, CT. Generally, rugs will show a substantial amount of traffic patterns due to their location in routinely visited rooms or hallways. Don’t give up and choose to free your household of these expensive rugs because of the blemishes before you decide to call the specialists at Lighthouse Chem-Dry. You are bound to instantly discover why the Chem-Dry way is good not only for your rugs, but it’s a reasonable rug cleaning service most beneficial for your wallets too!

Wilton's Finest Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Trust Lighthouse Chem-Dry

Each oriental and area rug is incredibly unique. With several different makes, true specialists ought to be who you put your trust in to clean an exceptionally beautiful, costly item of your home. It can be tough to clean oriental and area rugs a result of the variety of types one can choose from. We are mindful of the different rugs that we clean and utilize the method suitable for your rug’s material. With top-notch skill, we evaluate and measure your rug previous to any work being carried out for the greatest cleaning possible. Our technicians undergo a substantial amount of training to tend to our customers in the finest, most effective ways possible.

An Eco-Friendly Clean

Good prices, customer satisfaction, and eco-friendly solutions are important to our company. Our primary cleaning solution is green certified; therefore it's non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and entirely safe. You won’t have to worry about your loved ones or your pets coming in harm’s way. Our revolutionary procedures will powerfully, yet gently, clean your rugs without causing any detrimental damage. With customer wellbeing and the environment involved, we make progress, developing our reliable and successful processes, providing the best cleaning offered to our customers' families.

A Lengthier Clean

Your oriental rugs and area rugs have the best opportunity for staying clean for extended durations when you use Lighthouse Chem-Dry’s services. We use an incredible number of effervescent bubbles to go within of the rug’s fibers and explode dirt and soil. From there, our gear whisks away the undesirable build up. Since we try to avoid tough soaps, shampoos, detergents, and chemicals, no filmy or dirt attracting residue remains behind. You will see your carpets stay cleaner, much longer. We discuss any areas of concern with our customers before we begin any work. This gives you a chance to highlight spots, stains, or troublesome areas you’d like us to concentrate on. If the expectations we set with you aren’t met, let us know so we can ensure your satisfaction.

Call Lighthouse Chem-Dry to become your oriental rug cleaners and area rug cleaners in Wilton, CT today!

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