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Tile Cleaning | Orange, CT

Your tile and grout may be looking pretty decent, but just hold out until you see it once we have cleaned it! Gradually, you will notice tile and grout darken since dirt and grime collect and make it less vibrant. Lighthouse Chem-Dry delivers advanced services presenting our customers with good as new tile! It is highly recommended to clean tile and grout every 12-18 months to preserve their state of cleanliness. Attend to your tile and grout carefully and give Lighthouse Chem-Dry a call to clean it today!

The Finest Tile & Stone Cleaning in Orange

Professional Equipment

Our technicians can be trusted to offer you with the most superior tile cleaning service in Orange, CT. Highly trained with the most progressive equipment in the industry, it will be easier to receive that gleaming tile and grout at an affordable price. It can prove to be tough to clean your grout in a do-it-yourself way. This is certainly challenging because there is such a large amount of solutions and products for each different type of tile. Don't make the mistake of using the improper solutions, call Lighthouse Chem-Dry instead and put your trust in our expert professionals.

A Better Clean

Tile and stone could very well be porous; this can pull grime and dirt in allowing it to seem worn out and filthy. The manner of how we clean at Lighthouse Chem-Dry can prolong the life of your tile and grout by keeping it crisp and clean and doing away with the chance of bacteria development. Once the outer layer is clean again with our proficient treatments and equipment, we will add a sealant to help protect against particles that can mature the look of your tile and grout.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer service is significant to our staff. With our customers' very best interest at heart, highly skilled technicians, and affordable prices, we are certain to leave you delighted by your experience. We have the most innovative techniques, the most experienced technicians, and great communication with our customers, we will leave you pleased. At Lighthouse Chem-Dry, you will discover a satisfaction guarantee for our customers in Orange, CT. If you find yourself unhappy with the cleaning experience offered to you, please don't wait to give us a call so we may make things right. We will set expectations for you previous to work starting and make the effort to meet those.

Never let your tile and grout get too soiled before calling the experts at Lighthouse Chem-Dry!



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